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ONLINE COURSES:  Each course package below consists of 5 lessons, recommended reading and video links (if applicable), and self-testing material, all which encapsulates the area of Christian Counselling, Healing and Recovery (whether it is for your own health and healing or for professionals wanting basic or further training in specific areas).  Each package can be completed within about 2-3 weeks of parttime course work  -- there is no required timeline, no deadline, and we are always available to assist you through your studies, as needed. Upon completion of each package, you receive a certificate of completion.

Each package of 5 lessons below is $499 Canadian, and all materials will be emailed to you.

A01 Basics of Christian Counselling and Healing (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual)

A02 Basics of Christian Counselling and Recovery (Addictions, Addictive Behaviors)

A03 Basics of Counselling Eating Disorders from a Christian Perspective

A04 Basics of Counselling Grief and Loss from a Christian Perspective 

A05 Basics of Counselling Trauma and PTSD Symptoms from a Christian Perspective

A06 Counselling and Teaching Mental Health from a Recovery, Overcoming, Whole-Health Perspective

A07 Basics of Counselling Depression, Anxiety and Panic from a Christian Perspective

A08 Basics of Counselling Dissociative Disorders from a Christian Perspective

A09 Basics of Counselling Narcissistic, Borderline, Hypervigilance, Histrionic and Antisocial Personality Disorders

A10 Basics of Counselling Avoidant, Dependant, Obsessive-Compulsive, Paranoid, Schizoid and Schizotypal Personality Disorders

A11 Counselling Families with a Family Member with Mental Illness, Personality Disorder, Emotional Disorder and/or Addiction

A12 Counselling and/or Living in or Loving a Narcissist (with regards to Healing for the Entire Family Affected by the Narcissistic Family Member)

A13 Basics of Counselling and Deliverance Ministry from a Christian Perspective

A14 Counsellling People Free from Generational, Word, Death, Relational and Life Curses

A15 Counselling Through the Healing of Soul Wounds

A16 Counselling Through the Nurturing of (and Blessing To) People's Spirits

A17 Counselling People About Their Birthright in Christ and His Lordship in their Life

A18 Counselling People Through the Renewal of Their Mind

A19 Counselling People Through the Courts of Heaven (Heavenly Justice brought into our lives)

A20 Overcoming Addiction

A21 Overcoming Pornography/Sex Addiction

A22 Cleaning Up Addictive Behaviors

A23 Freedom From Eating Disorder

A24 Recovering from Grief and Sadness

A25 Overcoming Anger

A26 Seeing Myself as God Sees Me

A27 Inner Healing

A28 Getting Free (Self/Family) from Generational, Word, Death, Relational and Life Curses

A29 Getting Free and Healing (Self/Family) from Soul Wounds

A30 Finding Freedom Through the Nurturing of (and Blessing To) My/Our Spirits

A31 Help My Mental Health (from a Recovery, Overcoming, Healing Perspective)

A32 Overcoming and Healing from Anxiety & Depression

A33 My Identity in Christ and Renewal of my Mind

A34 Learning to Love Myself So I Can Love Others

A35 Finding My Calling In Life

A36 Learning To Pray Powerfully For Others

A37 Learning To Pray Powerfully For My Family

A38 Learning To Pray Freedom For Myself and My Family Through the Courts of Heaven (Heavenly Justice brought into our lives)

A39 Learning To Help Hurting People


Each online certificate course package above is $499 Canadian (regular price $899).  Cash, etransfers, paypal, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

* Credit card payments will have a 4% surcharge added.

Register by emailing us at info@christiancounsellingacademy.com with the method of payment you wish to use for your certificate packages.  Payments by paypal can be made to info@christiancounsellingacademy.com, etransfers can be sent via online banking to that same email, and for credit card payment, please provide us with your name, credit card #, expiry, 3 digit code on back of card, and your mailing address.


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